Conference Highlights WIT 2009

The clarion call to the Women in Transition was overwhelming this year. We were excited about the commencement of the second annual WIT conference “The Fabric of a Woman” and transformation that would begin to manifest in our lives. Conference attendees gathered at the Freedom Center in Rock Hill, SC from New York, Georgia and North and South Carolina. Many of us were excited about reuniting with WITSisters from last year and welcoming all that came with this years meeting. Thursday, March 12th “Getting to know my WITSister” was a quiet but powerful gathering. The Executive Hall slowly filled with smiling conference registrants that were directed to sit at the color coded tables of seven. This simple seating arrangement would encourage women to introduce themselves to other women seated at their table and confidently introduce their tablemates along with how they arrived at the conference for a prize later distributed in the evening.

The prize was given to Co-Pastor Hogue of Shelby, NC. Next, we cheerfully participated in “Pass the Blessing” a game written by a Naomi’s Posture’s staffer Tanisha Robinson, this game also forged and acquaintance with other WITSisters gathered in the Executive Hall. The blessing landed in the hands of Co-Pastor Hogue of Shelby, NC. As the evening progressed we played Bible trivia and shared intimately during the “Advice Hour” hosted by Evangelist Benn. She later shared from Proverbs 31:25-26, her topic: “The cost of my design”. Evangelist Benn encouraged us to love ourselves and not to discount our personal transitions as they detail the strength of our fabric. Friday, March 13th AM/PM WITSessions. We were greeted with smiles at 9am from the Naomi Posture’s staffers Missionaries Tiffany Jackson and Tanya Higgins. The WITSessions were titled “Lord help me get my finances in order” facilitated by Ms. Meeks and Mrs. Miller, “How to manage the responsibilities of being woman, wife, mother and minister” facilitated by Minister Behr and “How to pray in transitional times” facilitated by Intercessor Coleman. We received an overwhelming response about the WITSessions and how informed and prepared the facilitators were as well as the plethora of knowledge that was imparted. We discussed budgeting, team playing and several different ways to pray, we learned what the birthing process entails and how to seek God’s will in prayer. There were also gifts presented to various WITSisters who participated in the WITSessions. Gifts were presented to Lady Ayana George, Missionary Carmenlita Bacon and Sister ----…----.

We thank God for His presence as there was truly a visitation from God. Some of us were purged, many of us released the weighs that so easily beset us, we all decided to embrace God’s will for our lives and release ourselves from the pains of yesterday. Many of us came to the realization that God is careful with us and He is concerned about our lives. Service on Friday, March 13th at 7pm and morning service on Saturday, March 14th at 9am was phenomenal. Psalmist Ayana George was a vessel yielded to the Lord as she ministered in song and His glory filled the temple. Evangelist Tiny Lucas mounted the pulpit to preach the word of God. Friday night she preached from I Corinthians 3:1-10 “Laborers together” and Saturday morning we gathered and Evangelist Tiny Lucas again skillfully exegete God’s word from Luke 15:4-10 “Rejoicing” Lastly, we ended the Saturday morning service with the WITSister Recognition ceremony.

The WITSister Recognition is when you celebrate a woman of distinguished courage or ability that you admire for her brave deeds or noble qualities. There were six participants in the WITSister Recognition. Audrena McCullough celebrated Sandra Gordon, Akia LaQuisha celebrated Veronica Boyd, Renee Boston celebrated Diane Gales, Co-Pastor Houge celebrated Renee Boston, Evangelist Kimberly Benn celebrated Elder Doris Allan and Britney Zanders celebrated Harriet Zanders. WITSisters honored their friends, mothers and confidants; this celebration moved many of the conference attendees to tears. See you in March 2010 and continue to “Stand strong in the posture of VICTORY”

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